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Part II : Amalfi Coast Elopement

Hi Guys!

Thanks for hopping over to Part II of Lauren + Jonathan’s journey to matrimony.  If you haven’t had the opportunity, please check out Part I of this epic story. Lauren + Jonathan’s proposal story to see how this adventure started. | Amalfi Coast Elopement Photographer

So it continues…

Originally, Lauren asked Bronston Photography to travel to Birmingham, Alabama for a Spring 2020 wedding. Trying to find a venue they love, Lauren + Jonathan decided to elopement maybe be best option for them. I told Lauren I understood and wished them best in their elopement planning. Well, to my surprise, our journey had not ended yet. 

Lauren called me asking about my availability in November.  She said, we have decided to elope in Positano, which is off the Amalfi coast in Italy and we want you to be our destination wedding photographer.

My response to Lauren, you mean in 3 weeks? Lauren excitedly said yes and my excitement had me jumping over the moon with joy. I had so much joy that I tripped over my dogs while racing to my date book. 

My next response, when do I leave?

I was going to Italy…

Heading to Italy

After driving to Atlanta plus three flights and long layovers I finally arrived to Naples, Italy. There I met Lauren + Jonathan at the airport and we hopped into a rather small SUV. It said it could fit 5 passengers, but I guess European SUV aren’t like the American SUV. We drove 1.5 hour to reach the Amalfi Coast. I stared out the window soaking in the crystal blue water and the cliffs surrounding me. In Savannah, the highest point is likely the dirt mound in my backyard created by my dogs. Therefore, the new perspective was refreshing and once we arrived to Positano, it was everything Lauren had described to me. It is Heaven’s coastline.

Having time prior to the wedding is beneficial to scope out the nearby backdrops. This allows me to know the best spots for our portraits and a back up plan if it rains. And unfortunately, it was suppose to rain our entire trip. Luckily, when we arrived, it wasn’t raining so we traveled the city and take a few portraits. After our walk around the city, we got fresh pasta + seafood together. We went time laughing and getting to know each other is what made this trip special. Only myself, the videographer, my friend, and Lauren’s sister who was the officiant came to the elopement. Spending time together created our own rehearsal dinner. As 9pm reached, we called lights out early for the long wedding day ahead of us and all were battling the 7 hour time difference.

Thankfully, the next morning gave me gray skies and heavy overcast only. Not a single drop of rain was suppose to happen that day. Although I do love photographing in the rain, I was incredibly happy for Lauren + Jonathan to have a clear day for their wedding. I could ramble on forever about how amazing Lauren + Jonathan are and the experience we got to share together. However, their wedding images tell their epic story, therefore I will stop writing for now and let you enjoy their day.

Country: Amalfi Coast, Positano, Italy

Hotel for Wedding Venue: Hotel Conca d’Oro

Lunch Venue: Ristorante al Palazzo Positano

Dress: McClendon Bridals

Custom Design Ring: Flawless Carat

Videographer: Lewis Jack Media

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