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Glam, Laughter, Girl Talk, Personal Hype Coach, Sexy Ass Photos!

Boudoir Photography

A boudoir experience is about feeling bold, beautiful, loved, and empowered! That’s why we believe in customizing your experience and making it everything you want it to be. Tori is a well-established Wedding Photographer, has been married for 11 years, has 2 kids under the age of 5, and has seen the effects of what life can do to your body. She understands all the reasons and wants to personalize your boudoir photography experience. Whether this is for your bridal boudoir session, a celebration of a big life event, or just because you’re ready to feel empowered, Tori will have you feeling like the sexy and confident woman you are!

Treat yourself, it’s an experience every woman should invest in at least once!

be seen. be empowered.

The Boudoir Photography Experience

Your experience starts with a consultation call or video call to understand why you are doing this boudoir session and the best location for your shoot.

On the day of the session we greet you with positive smiles and girl you got this attitude. Our goal is to make you feel confident, sexy, and seen. We do this by having professional hair and makeup for every session. We ladies don’t take enough time to pamper ourselves, so we will do it for you! For the next 1-1.5 hours while you get glammed up, we will chat like we have been best friends for years, your favorite songs will play in the background, and we will make sure that your champagne glass stays full!

it’s time to feel


it’s time to feel

and now the magic
Let the fun begin!

After completion of hair & makeup, the sexy magic Begins! We don’t expect you to know your best angles. Tori is your hype girl and cheer coach for the next 1.5 hours. She will position you in ways that flatter your body type and make you look like the foxy lady you are. Once the session is done, we are confident you will leave wanting to do another one. The experience is that exhilarating!

After the session, you will receive a sneak preview within 24-48 hours of your session. Then in about 2-3 weeks, we will schedule your gallery reveal. There we showcase all the beautiful captures of you and determine which images you can’t live without and any products you would like to purchase.

Boudoir Rule
Recognized as the
best Boudoir Photographer
in Savannah, GA
Discover Your Inner Godess
The Investment

Your Boudoir Photography Experience begins at $600

Most clients invest an average of $2000 on products

Are you a bride interested in a boudoir? We have a bridal package just for you!

Contact us to learn more!

Discover Your Inner Godess
The Investment

Your Boudoir Photography Experience begins at $600

Most clients invest an average of $2000 on products

Are you a bride interested in a boudoir? We have a bridal package just for you!

Contact us to learn more!

“I didn’t know that I could look that good!” – Elan

You deserve to feel worshiped.

Have questions about your upcoming Bridal Boudoir or Sexy Shoot? Check out our FAQs or contact us today!

Boudoir FAQs

We normally have time for 2-3 outfits. Please bring your own lingerie as well as any intimate or personal items you would like to photograph.

Yes, absolutely! It is one of our strong specialties. Bring your dress or your veil for some sexy off-the-shoulder stylizing.

Yes, but it depends on the location. I prefer brighter and lighter to showcase you, however, if we pick a dark location, I have studio lights to showcase more of your curves.

Yes, I have no problem photographing you with your partner. We generally do these in your personal home or an Airbnb.

Yes, we want to pamper you and give you the experience. That means starting it off right with champagne in hand and someone dolling you up.

I offer a small selection of jewelry, shoes, and robes for the portraits. However, I like things to be authentically you and prefer when you bring your personal style. I do have assorted blankets and sheets that I bring to wrap you up for more intimate shots.

A really great time! Laughter and feeling comfortable are the key to a great session. Without that, you won’t feel as relaxed. With my easy-going personality, I am great at making you feel comfortable before the session even begins and we keep that fun time rolling by providing an experience that ends with some drop-dead gorgeous images of you!

Sneak peeks are delivered 1-3 days after the session. Then it takes me about another week to get the rest up for your reveal. Then you can select your favorites and purchase any additional products or images you may want.

Tori will help coach you the entire time throughout our session together. She will pose you in directions that compliment your body and get the best angles of you. She has you covered and always knows where to tell you to put your hands!

Give me all the ladies! We have worked with a variety of ladies in all different moments of life. Age is just a number when you’re up for a great time.

We have partnered with Airbnb owners to offer unique, trendy-styled Airbnbs for your backdrops. We also have a clean, modern-style home studio in Guyton. You have full access to the home studio.

We are well-known in the Savannah area for our Wedding Photography. If you are wanting something more luxurious, we can contact our connections and see what is possible.

 “I’m sure you get this all the time but I am in awe with how the photos turned out! I love that there’s a mix between sweet, pretty photos and sexy ones. You did such a good job instructing and posing me. I’ve never felt so good about myself after seeing these! You are such a talented photographer… You have been so professional and so much fun to work with.

 “A boudoir shoot was the perfect gift for my soon-to-be husband! I have never had more fun taking photos, and I hate taking photos, especially of myself. I think I’ve looked at my boudoir photos more than my husband because I just love how great they turned out.”

 “I laughed a lot and now have amazing pictures to give my future husband. Like many other women, the idea of stripping down into lingerie in front of a stranger was a bit nerve-wracking, but Tori made it fun and easy!”

“Tori’s fun, easy-going nature made the photo shoot experience one that every bride should do! Tori helped pose me, both by telling me how to pose and by doing the poses herself.”

“Not only was the experience itself great, but the photos are absolutely amazing! I didn’t know that I could look that good!”

“Do yourself a favor–get boudoir photography with Tori! You will walk away with newfound confidence and an amazing, intimate gift for your partner.”

“Tori did my bridal boudoir and I think the look on my husband’s face says it all.”

“I enjoy the fact that she sparked conversation in our first session because the photos she was taking were very intimate. I like that she knew what she was doing and helped me throughout the session.”

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