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Mackey House | Savannah Indian Wedding brought Harsha + Jason together and our bonding through both Harsha and I being 3 weeks a part in our pregnancy is what brought us together. Call it what you want, but if felt meant to be that I become their photographer to be their story teller at their Indian wedding.  I say story telling because that is exactly what it was.  The amount of love and traditions at their wedding had me smiling for days.  I mean, who doesn’t love a southern venue full of flowers, a 1956 Bentley S2, a horse to ride into you wedding ceremony and a professional dance performance by a family member at your reception??? I know right! Sounds like a blast!

See why I describe my wedding photography style Romantic airy + vibrant.  Harsha + Jason’s wedding is exactly that. Vibrant. Romantic. Airy. 

Did you know blessing the couple with flowers as they unite around the fire is a thing? I wish I knew that when I got married because this candid moment is JUST GORGEOUS!


Venue : Mackey House

Getting Dressed: Airbnb of Savannah

HMUA: B Street Salon

Henna: UB Henna & Co

Classic Car: Callan’s Classics

Reception Caterer: Thrive Catering

Horse: Horse & Carriage of Savannah

DJ: Mackey House

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