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Heather is a Texan native with a heart full of the warmth of the Palmetto State. She has woven a rich tapestry of experiences that paint a vivid portrait of life through the lens of a camera. With a loving fiancée, three beautiful children, and a majestic dog, Fenrir—who carries the legacy of his father, Loki, in his name—her life is a harmonious blend of love, family, and artistry.

For Heather, history isn’t just a subject taught in the classrooms of the high school where she teaches; it’s a passionate journey through time, culture, and human stories, reflected in each photo captured. A dancer at heart, she spent a significant part of her life pirouetting across global stages with prestigious ballet companies. This balletic odyssey, intertwined with modeling experiences, became the gateway to the mesmerizing world of photography in 2016.

Heather became a vital part of the Bronston Photography family in 2021, finding joy in the artistic communion with clients who share a similar love for art-focused photography.

“The allure of photographing weddings lies in the uniqueness of each couple’s love story. For me, each wedding is a ballet, a harmonious dance of emotions, moments, and heartfelt connections. What brings a smile to my face on a wedding day is witnessing and capturing the unscripted, genuine moments of love and happiness shared by couples and their loved ones.”

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