Bridal Boudoir for Groom

You know it’s going to be a great time when you start to laugh before the studio door can even be unlocked with your client. Elan contacted me to photograph her bridal boudoir for her upcoming wedding in March due to her wedding photographer not offering this service. And it was one of the most fun times just chatting and getting to know each other before her stipping down naked in front of a After Johanna of JoNettlesArtisty finished her hair and makeup an hour and a half later, you would of thought we had known each other forever. Elan also use to be a doula and was giving me birth tips since I was only 5 weeks away from giving birth to my first child, Charlie. We picked the white room due to how stunning her skin tone would photograph in the all white room. ELan told us before the session how much she hated to be photographed and afraid she would look awkward. Well…I will let you be the judge of that. I loved her facial features and knew she would photograph well. She enjoyed the mimosa we offered her and the great “real” women conversations to help with any fears of doing a boudoir session. By the end we had stunning works of art to give to her husband to be.

Check out what Elan had to say about her time in the studio with me and Jo.

“I went to Tori for boudoir photography since my wedding photographer did not offer this service. I’m so happy that I did this with Tori! I laughed a lot and now have amazing pictures to give my future husband. Like many other women, the idea of stripping down into lingerie in front of a stranger was a bit nerve-wracking, but Tori made it fun and easy!

The day started with hair, makeup (thank you, Jo!), and mimosas. All of that, combined with Tori’s fun, easy-going nature made the photo shoot experience one that every bride should do! Tori helped pose me, both by telling me how to pose and by doing the poses herself (even though she was very pregnant), which really helped me feel comfortable and sexy. She was very encouraging, and by the end of the shoot, I felt like I actually knew what I was doing.

Not only was the experience itself great, but the photos are absolutely amazing! I didn’t know that I could look that good! Even the photos Tori showed me on her camera the day of the shoot were amazing.

Do yourself a favor–get boudoir photography with Tori! You will walk away with newfound confidence and an amazing, intimate gift for your partner.”