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Daffin Park Engagement Session

Chase + Ashley are locals to Savannah and wanted something besides Historic Savannah for their engagement session. Being a local myself, I can relate, however it’s understandable why Historic Savannah is popular. I mean, have you seen the trees in the Historic District? Just wow! It’s a scene right out of a movie. It’s literally one of the most beautiful places in the world and the tourist agree. People from all over the world come to experience the charm Savannah has to offer.

However, being a local has its advantages. You know other unique places to get the lowcountry feel + the history of Savannah. For Chase + Ashley, that place was Daffin Park. Daffin Park is located in midtown Savannah and commonly overlooked for an engagement session.

It is a rather large and has a lot to offer those who visit. In fact, it is a historical site for Grayson Stadium. Though it is an active baseball field for our local baseball team, THE SAVANNAH BANANAS, it also has a lot of history. Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, and Jackie Robinson played some of their minor league exhibitions at Grayson. Now, go grab your ticket to experience the bananas were the first base coach dances while signaling to the batter in the batter box. It’s an amazing night out with friends and family if you get the chance to watch a game. But make sure you buy tickets well in advance because these games sell out fast.  

However, Ashley + Chase didn’t come to Daffin for the baseball. They came for the century old majestic Spanish moss oaks. The trees tell a story just themselves, but adding them in an engagement session create jaw dropping reactions. Their beauty is what had Ashley + Chase most excited for their engagement session. So we walked around the park to capture love within the trees and a little more of the mid-town architecture.  

The midtown architecture is rather eclectic and you can find mid-century homes, Federal, Victorian and Gothic Revival.  Head towards victory drive to see old mansions that showcase the Federal and Victorian homes. Head 3 streets up and find mid-century homes.  Walking further into the neighborhood and you will be able to walk the row of palm trees in Tiedeman Park

Continue below to check out more from their Daffin + Midtown Savannah engagement session. If you want to check out more, click engagement session to view more.

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